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Working Group Summaries

   1999 Fusion Summer Study

   July 11-23, 1999
   Snowmass, Colorado

Each working group presented summaries of their technical activities and discussions. These presentations are referenced below as PDF files.


Summary Reports: Chair - M. Mauel
8:30Opening CommentsR. Hawyrluk
8:45 Magnetic Fusion ConceptsT. Taylor
9:30 Inertial Fusion ConceptsC. Olson
10:00 Emerging Fusion ConceptsD. Barnes
11:00 Plasma Science IssuesA. Kritz
11:30 Technology IssuesM. Abdou/S. Milora
12:00 Energy IssuesF. Najmabadi/R. Stambaugh
12:45 Closing Comments G. Logan

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Updated: July 28 1999

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